Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quadruple Stuffed Photo Update - Days 3-6

Ello! It's Devin again your friendly neighborhood clarinet man this time with a 4 day picture update. WOW! So here we go...

DAY 3 (Jan 29th)

This day was full of fun such as visiting the Monterey Aquarium, rock climbing explorations, and of course, performing at First Presbyterian Church in Monterey.

James is never satisfied with just one cup of coffee.

There was a Waldo sighting

Shortly after getting off of the bus to head to the Aquarium.

Dis is de grumpy cat.  

Our intro to what we could do inside.

Twas an Sardine typhoon!

The Sunfish 

Love at first sight! The puffin kept swimming into the glass towards Alex.

We had fun in the kid's section. Never gets old.

One Sardine was above the influence.

They even had animal feeding shows with scuba drivers

Claire was overjoyed to find the penny pressing machine.

And then we climbed rocks on our way to El Torito

Can you spot Alex?

Gwen found the perfect chillin' spot.

Helene got real excited

It's moments like these that make you want to do superheroic poses

It was happening.

At El Torito ready for Mexican food!

Then there was an intense stare off

Day 4 (Jan 30th)

This day was primarily our day at the Rocky Point restaurant. As a wise man named Daniel said, "Fancy restaurants are fancy" and Rocky Point was no exception.

This was the view from my table at Rocky Point.

Kira, looking fabulous as ever!

This was the ultimate rock exploration experience!

The scenery was crazy beautiful! 

We even found small caves.

Alex got tired after all that climbing.

Dat view tho!



That's a long way down!

Our awesome bus driver and Nathan dodging traffic on the side of the road.

Day 5 (Jan 5th)

This was the view coming down from my home stay family's place in Monterey.

The back of the bus is where it's at!

Daniel at the dolphin fountain by the Santa Barbara Pier

On our way to get us some tacos! (Wait, when did Lydia get there?)

 Later in Anaheim, we went to see the Orange County Pacific Symphony concert "Toradze plays Shostakovich." This concert was amazing! Not only did we get to attend the concert, but there was also a tour of the concert hall which was quite interesting, especially when it comes to the technology and architecture put into fine tuning the sound of the concert hall. Everything about this place and concert was a work of art.
This was by the Segerstrom Concert Hall and this picture does this masterpiece of a building no justice.

They decorated the building for the theme of their Shostakovich concert.

Questionable allegiances?

Clarinet selfie!

Our very informative tour guide.

Inside Segerstrom Concert Hall

The ceiling shape is like a guitar

Inside the blue hall: an instrumental part of the hall's acoustics' control.


The pre-concert lecture was an interesting interview with the guy on the left who was a friend of Shostakovich.

Day 6 (Feb 1st)

Hurray for beach days and concerts! This day we went to hang out for 3 hours at the Santa Monica Pier and later perform at California Lutheran University.


My good pal Wagner came to visit and watch our concert at CLU! Twas great to catch up.

and of course get my fill of In-N-Out after the show.